Save Football, I’ve been screaming. Week 5, the author of this blog had an 8-a-side tournament – office sports days. Even though the team made it to the semi-finals, we were eliminated because of the silly 8-a-side rule that says corners = 1 point each. Nonetheless, final 5 minutes of the match that would determine the bronze medalists, I scored a nice sleek goal. 30 seconds or so later, my knee gave way and I was sent crashing to the ground.

1st diagnosis: knee sprain. 2 hours later, X-ray didn’t show any fracture. However, on the second day, faced with a massive swelling, I rushed to an Orthopedist. 2nd diagnosis: Hemarthrosis (internal bleeding in the knee joint). I’m out for at least 2 months. But worse still, I’ll be spending that time hoping, praying that I can run again…

Till then, Save Football is officially on hold.

Edit July 2011: As it turns out, I completely ruptured my ACL during that injury. Took my doctor one year to diagnose the problem and another year before I was lucky enough to have it grafted. 10 months of rehab later, I have been given the green light to tread on a football pitch again. Game on!