What do you know. While I’m banned from the pitch and thought that the idea of this blog was bedridden as well, Krish just happened to mail me the comments about Episode 6. One man blog you said? Save Football is back on track.

15/08/09: 7am and only 4 players on the pitch. · The absence of many of the Rotaractors confirmed the rumours of a late night of partying. · 4 more Rotaract showed up defying all accepted notions that a nightlong comsumption of alcohol and early waking up are incompatible. · 4 vs 4 match started · Out of the blue the AWOL members of the core 8 appeared with some friends. · The first “proper” match since the beginning of our fight started: a good old 8-a-side! · The match ended 5-3 but mostly due to the fact that the losing team`s goal keeper “Singh is King” Pam did not have any shoes and the striker “Himesh” Ashish forgot his glasses. · To be noted that even though the “cagenappers” were present, they did not dare to strike.