Several months passed. Sunday morning was boring again. Until we learned something: the teams that usually play on the Mahatma Gandhi Institute football ground never had any permission from the administration! But why would the security guards allow them to play on the field then? Simply because they parked their vehicles outside the institute premises and walked in, like regular joggers do! One month ago, we gave it a try, and went to play among them. It wasn’t the same; they are more competitive, more skilled, expect too much physical implication for our amateur level – they were the “Skilled Ones”. The fun wasn’t here and we decided not to renew the experience after giving it a try for three consecutive weeks. Then it struck us: all we needed was to get our old “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” mates to park their vehicles outside the premises and we’d be out playing again!

This is where this blog really begins: Chapter 3, Episode 1