Wake up at 7 a.m, call your friend to wake him up, brush your teeth, grab your football gear and drive to the field. Since more than 10 years, Sunday mornings mean football. That’s how our fathers did it and that’s how we do it. At least that’s how we used to.

Down the years, a simple thing as playing football has become more and more tedious in Mauritius. From a glorious pool of 25 highly competitive players kicking the ball around on the University of Mauritius football field on Sunday mornings, only two players remain today. But we just won’t let it go away that easily.

Faced with the events of the day, we decided to start this blog. Our objective: tell our story to the world and, in doing so, motivate young Mauritian football players to join our ranks. We are amateurs, we love football and we need you!

Help us save our football!

Chapter 3 – Episode 1: Promising Start

Chapter 3 – Episode 2: Failure

Chapter 3 – Episode 3: Attack of the “Cagenappers”

Chapter 3 – Episode 4: Rotaract to the rescue!

Chapter 3 – Episode 5: Injury

Chapter 3 – Episode 6: The Rising